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What is the purpose of submitting photos along with my claim information

Photos provide visual evidence of the damage and are an essential part of the claim documentation. They help adjusters and insurance companies to better assess the damage and determine the scope of work needed

Do I need to submit an initial insurance scope along with my claim information?

Yes, submitting the initial insurance scope is necessary. It helps the insurance company understand the extent of the damage and provides a starting point for the supplementing process.

Are contracts between the contractor and the insured required for supplementing claims?

Yes, contracts between the contractor and the insured are necessary for supplementing claims. They outline the scope of work, timeline, and other details of the job, helping to avoid misunderstandings between parties.

Can I authorize communication between my company and the insured?

Yes, you can authorize communication between your company and the insured by obtaining written consent from the insured. This consent allows you to discuss details of the claim and job directly with the insured.

What should be included in the job summary?

The job summary should include a brief description of the damage, the proposed scope of work, and any changes or supplements that are being submitted. This information helps adjusters and insurance companies understand the work being done.

Is there any other claim-related documentation required for supplementation?

Yes, there may be other claim-related documentation required for supplementation, such as building permits, inspection reports, or invoices from subcontractors. The insurance company will inform you of any additional documentation needed.

How long does the supplementing process take?

The length of the supplementing process varies depending on the complexity of the claim and the amount of additional information required. However, most supplementing processes take between 1 to 4 weeks.

Can I submit a supplement for work that has already been completed?

Yes, you can submit a supplement for work that has already been completed, as long as the work was necessary to complete the job and was not included in the original estimate.

Is it possible to dispute a supplement that has been denied?

Yes, it is possible to dispute a supplement that has been denied by providing additional documentation or by appealing the decision with the insurance company. It’s important to carefully review the reason for denial and to provide evidence that supports the supplement.

How do I know if a supplement has been approved or denied?

You should receive notification from the insurance company indicating whether a supplement has been approved or denied. This notification may come in the form of an email, letter, or through the portal. It’s important to regularly check the status of your supplements and follow up with the insurance company if you haven’t received a response.

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